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Setting Up Your Fire Department Training Program: Tips to Save Time

July 17, 2024
The following six department training program tips outline how to manage an effective training program using online fire department training software.
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Podcast: Active Shooter Event & Response Evolution

Sept. 20, 2023
Retired police Lt. Frank Borelli talks the 1999 attack at Columbine High School and how it came to be known as the "Pearl Harbor" of active shooter events.
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How to Stay NFPA 1851 Compliant for the Life of Your PPE

Sept. 7, 2023
This white paper will help departments ensure their firefighter PPE remains NFPA 1851 compliant for its 10-year life cycle.
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White Paper: What You Need to Know to Reduce Exposure to Carcinogens

Sept. 7, 2023
By implementing proper decontamination practices, conducting thorough cleaning of PPE, maintaining good personal hygiene, and conducting regular health monitoring, firefighters...
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Military and Civilians Firefighters Can Seek Restitution for Exposure to Cancer-Causing PFAS in AFFF Formulations

June 30, 2023
The cancer risks associated with aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF); a firefighting solution that contains per/polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are undeniable today. Despite its...
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Three Ways to Improve Firefighter Retention in 2023

June 12, 2023
Keeping firefighters on the roster is facing unpresented challenges this year, and following these tips will ensure your members want to keep riding the rigs.