Podcast: Active Shooter Event & Response Evolution

Sept. 20, 2023
Retired police Lt. Frank Borelli talks the 1999 attack at Columbine High School and how it came to be known as the "Pearl Harbor" of active shooter events.

In the first episode of this sponsored six-part series, Officer.com News Editor Joe Vince and retired Lt. Frank Borelli discuss the attack at Columbine High School in 1999 and how it came to be known as the "Pearl Harbor" of active shooter events. Discussed is why this attack was perceived so differently than others before it and how basic response by officers to such events has changed since then.

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About the Author

Joe Vince | Assistant Editor – News

Joining Endeavor Business Media in 2018, Joe was the new editor for Firehouse.com and now serves as the assistant editor of Officer.com. Before starting at Endeavor, Joe had worked for a variety of print and online news outlets, including the Indianapolis Star, the South Bend Tribune, Reddit and Patch.com.
About the Author

Frank Borelli

Lt. Frank Borelli is the Editorial Director for the Officer Media Group. Frank brings 20+ years of writing and editing experience in addition to 40 years of law enforcement operations, administration and training experience to the team.

Frank has had numerous books published which are available on Amazon.comBarnesAndNoble.com, and other major retail outlets.

If you have any comments or questions, you can contact him via email at [email protected].

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