Construction on New Fire Station Starts in Rural Hall, NC

June 3, 2024
The department obtained a $3,8 million state grant to build the station.

As the Rural Hall fire station hasn't been remodled since the 1980s, it's time for a new one.

"The design of the new station has been developed around the apparatus bay, which is pretty much the heartbeat of the fire station. Everything was designed about us getting to those trucks and that apparatus bay because that is where we make up a lot of our time getting to a scene," Fire Chief Simone told WFMY. 

The department -- that srated operation in the late 1940s -- obtained $3.8 million in state funds to building the station. 

Town leaders said they would like to add boost staffing. Currently, there are three firefighters per shift.

"As our community continues to grow, we are looking at expanding to make sure that we have the adequate response on each shift for our fire department," Town Manager Homer Dearmin explained.

The station, being built adjacent to the existing one, is expected to be completed next fall. 

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