New Products 11/11

Sept. 27, 2011

Rescue Ram

HURST JAWS OF LIFE has introduced the R 411E, a rescue ram without hoses and able to be operated with or without a cord. The claws at the two ends can be rotated 360 degrees, enabling rescuers to apply the ram effectively in almost any precarious situation. The tool features an extended length of 47.2 inches with the extension accessory and is ideal for operations involving major accidents or off-road rescues. It features a piston stroke of 14.2 inches and a lifting force of 23,154 pounds.

Mobile Lifts

SEFAC INC. has introduced the S3 Series of mobile lifts. The variable lift speed enables a lighter vehicle to be lifted in one minute (comparable to hydraulic lifts) and it features the added safety of a self-locking screw. Touchscreen controls have substantially eliminated switches and communicate in easy-to-reference diagrams/words the operational status or the precise nature of the fault. The lifts comply with OSHA and UL-201 standards and are built to the latest ANSI standards. They are also independently tested and certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) to the ANSI, ALI/ETL ALCTV-2008 standard.

Hydrant Assist Valve

TASK FORCE TIPS INC. has introduced the Oasis hydrant assist valve, providing a 100% increase in water supply operations and letting the operator maintain flows in less-than-favorable conditions and control flows in rapidly changing fireground situations. The valve can be used as a hydrant booster, a gated wye and/or an inline pump in long relay operations. Its stainless half-ball design allows for an open waterway and helps cut the valve’s friction loss to 15 psi at 1,000 gpm. The valve’s clapper, a free-floating safety feature, keeps an uninterrupted flow of water moving toward the fire. When the boosting engine pressures up, the clapper swings open, using the newly charged water to bolster its firefighting attack. Should the boost pressure fail for any reason, the valve will seamlessly return to using its original hydrant-direct flow. Position indicators on the Oasis confirm if the ball and clapper valves are open or closed. Similarly, the valve’s boost indicator lets the operator monitor the direction of the water’s path.

Helmet Frontpieces

BULLARD has redesigned its leather helmet fronts designed to fit contemporary and traditional-style fire helmets. Firefighters can choose Bullard’s Matte-Finish Genuine Leather or Glossy Patent Leather Fronts that showcase crisp stitching on rugged, high-quality leather. In addition to the new look, Bullard now offers leather fronts that accommodate up to 22 bold characters. Leather front features include sewn or recessed letters and numbers; hot-stamped letters, numbers and logos in nine colors; and decals and gold or silver badges.

Mobile Computer

HANDHELD US has introduced the Algiz XRW rugged notebook with a touchscreen that makes the computer easier to use. The fully rugged notebook features a 10.1-inch widescreen sunlight-readable display with MaxView screen technology that provides screen clarity and brightness in any outdoor condition, even direct sunlight. It is one of the lightest and most compact rugged notebooks on the market, weighing 3.3 pounds. The notebook comes standard with Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS as well as a built-in two-megapixel autofocus camera that allows video conferencing in the field. Its keyboard and mouse-touchpad, illuminated by two led lights, are fully sealed, and it carries an IP65 rating against sand, dust and water. It passes MIL-STD-810G ruggedness testing, including drop tests from 1.2 meters, and can handle extreme temperatures from –4°F to 131°F.

Ultra-High-Pressure Foam System

FOAMPRO has introduced the Turbo Stream ultra-high-pressure foam system. Compact and self-contained, the system produces high-energy firefighting power with ease and precision. Driven by a 13-hp PowerPro gas engine that includes electric start for quick startup, precise high-pressure foam solution delivers rapid knockdown. The system incorporates a patented foam concentrate injector system. The control module lets the operator choose injection rates from 0.3% to 3.0%. The system delivers eight gpm of solution at 1,400 psi. A Hypro triplex plunger pump provides dependability and high-pressure performance. A dual-action spray gun delivers foam solution over 45 feet and a thermal relief valve prevents overheating during extended idle.

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