Detroit Rigs Involved in Seven Crashes in Eight Days

May 30, 2024
The driver of an engine that hit a car in a parking lot Tuesday was placed on light duty after failing a drug test.

In the past eight days, there have been seven craashes involving Detroit Fire Department apparatus.

The firefighter behind the wheel of a fire truck that backed into a car in a parking lot Tuesday failed the mandatory drug test. He was placed on light duty while other tests are conducted, according to WDIV.

The wreck that occurred at 9 a.m. was the 51st in 2024. Nine of the crashes resulted in a person going to the hospital.

“Any time we have accidents, I am always concerned. I’m always thinking of ways that we can reduce those accidents," Detroit Fire Department Commissioner Chuck Simms. said.

On May 11, a camera captured a fire engine run through an intersection, hit a truck and smashing into a store sign.

Also, an ambulance ended up on its side after a collision that police said was caused by the firefighter behind the wheel. 

Simms says re-training firefighters and the review of department driving policy are underway.

“I would like to tell the citizens of Detroit, if we’re responding to a fire or something like that to get over on your right as well,” Simms said.

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