Life as a Fire Wife

Cynthia Mills
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Safety & Health

Mills: When a Journey Ends

March 25, 2015
Throughout the past 11 years, Roxanne has put up with us, loved us, and protected us countless times.
Careers & Education

A Return to College Life

March 15, 2013
As my husband returns to college to get his degree, this means that his efforts are our efforts together. Just like I support him, he always supports me and makes my endeavors...
Courtesy of Cynthia Mills
Author Cynthia Mills posed with Cade Legend Moyer for this photograph earlier this year.
Safety & Health

Burying One of Our Own

Dec. 26, 2012
Burying one of our own…it’s a scenario no department wants to face, but most all departments train for anyways. No amount of training can ever prepare a fire family for the heartache...
Safety & Health

Daddy, the Tearjerker

Oct. 23, 2012
Okay, now he did it. Once again, my firefighter went and left the state for a class. It is only four days, for four different months. This shouldn’t be a big deal. For me, it ...
Safety & Health

The Little Things

Sept. 25, 2012
Why should this homecoming be any different from the end of a normal shift? Really, maybe it shouldn’t have. But we tend to get overly excited about the little things in life ...
Safety & Health

Losing the Inspirer, Not the Inspiration

June 25, 2012
My husband lost his inspirer, but the inspiration lives on in our lives and the lives of many others touched by these events and these choices.