Views from the Jumpseat

Photo by Ryan Pennington
Fire stations were used for water distrubution to residents when the water was deemed unusable.
Safety & Health

Pennington: Water Crisis Brings Out West Virginia Pride

Jan. 16, 2014
The chemical spill that sparked a water crisis in West Virginia brought out the best in people and reminded me how firefighters and emergency crews really do care about the citizens...
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Pennington: Don't Hook Over Your Head

Dec. 23, 2013
Learning about pulling ceilings the hard way can lead to insults by peers and, even worse, a trip to the hospital.
Operations & Training

Pennington: Can Good Firefighters Cover for Bad Officers?

Dec. 17, 2013
Walk into any fire station and look around. What you find is a group of firefighters, officers, and chiefs that come from every walk of life and each has a different level of ...
Photo by Glen E. Ellman
If someone on your crew is full of passion, use that energy to create training drills that will be a positive benefit to the entire crew.
Careers & Education

Let Your Passion Show

Nov. 15, 2013
While we may not be the eager beaver that we once were as a rookie firefighter, we should remember those days and do everything possible to make sure we stay ready.
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Safety & Health

Pennington: Culture Change? Whatever

Nov. 9, 2013
Today’s firefighters have 24/7 access to the happenings around the world, almost on a “as they are happening” basis. With this information is coming education and awareness to...