Update: FDNY Firefighter Revived at Incident Walks out of Hospital

May 20, 2024
Firefighter Kevin Paulicelli, who went into respiratory arrest at a house fire Friday afternoon, received a drug that reverses the effects of cyanide poisoning.

Although he still has bandages on his arms. the firefighter who was reivived after collapsing at a house fire Friday was all smiles when he walked out of the hospital Sunday afternoon.

Firefighter Kevin Paulicelli, 38, emerged from Jacobi Medical Center to a round of applause from colleagues, friends and family members. He shook hands with some while embracing others. 

FDNY Chief John Hodgens told CBS News firefighters were met with heavy smoke and heat as they entered the house Friday afternoon. 

Paulicelli stated he was having difficulty breathing and began to leave the building, but as he was walking out, he collapsed and lost consciousness.

Another firefighter called a Mayday, and crews carried the unconscious firefighte, who was in respiratory arrest, out of the building, the chief said. 

The FDNY EMS crews reognized what was happening and immediately began life-saving efforts and administered hydroxocobalamin which reverses the effects of cyanide poisoning, caused by smoke inhalation.

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