Rescue 616

July 15, 2009
Rescue 616 responds to all indutrial accidents, MVA's (including train, plane and farm accidents), structure fires, and haz-mat alarms.

It feature a 2 door-2 person cab with a Caterpillar Diesel engine and a 5 speed automatic transmission.

The 20 foot walk-in box with seating for 5 personnel, contains a 15000 watt PTO generator, 6 stationary 500 watt lights, 1-1500 watt pole light (on the cab), 2-1000 watt light trees, 2-200 foot 110 volt reels (1 on each side), 2-110 volt rear outlets, 2-220 volt rear outlets, 4-60 foot portable AC cord reels, 2-110 volt 50gpm submergable pump, 100 feet of 1 1/2 " hose, 110000 BTU torpedo heater, electric smoke ejector fan, landing zone kit, 2 sets of SCUBA gear with dry suits, 8 life vests, underwater infrared camera with 20 feet of cable, Thermal Imaging Camera, various types of haz-mat absorbents, 2 SCBA's, spare SCBA bottles, attic ladder, pike pole, CO2 extinguisher, repelling/rope rescue gear, stokes basket, come-along, reciprocating saw, electric and gas chain saws, air chisel and air shears with 150 foot reel, lots of cribbing, complete set of Res-Q-Jacks.

Rescue tools include 3 Hurst airbags, Hurst 220 volt Trimo power unit, 3-100 foot Hannay hydraulic reels, 2 Hurst rams, cutter, spreader, and combi-tool.

BLS equipment includes an AED, 2 large first-out bags, manual suction unit, 2 portable oxygen units with 6 spare bottles, on-board oxygen also with 2 discharges, 2 C-collar bags each capable of treating 2 patients, 4 backboards, frac-pack, long splint pack, adult traction splint, 3 MAST pants, 2 KED's, 2 compartments full of restock supplies.

Other equipment includes an accountability board, receiver for the thermal imaging camera with TV and VCR, and a refridgerator.

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