Brush 76

July 15, 2009
This former military "deuce and a half" was acquired in January of 2002. Through lots of hard work from Asst. Chief Pat Doherty, Capt. James Schmitt and Enginner Geoff Taylor, the truck has been transformed from a military troop and equipment hauler to a brush and wildfire killer! Due to this trucks size, the amount of work it gets done compared to other brush trucks, the fact it devours brush fires, it has been named "Goliath". It holds four wildland firefighting suits, pulaskis, shovels, rakes, wildland hose, two garden hoses, one booster reel, chainsaw and rope. It also has a constructed platform where our firefighters can stand and make attack on the wildland fires next to it's 400 gallon tank. This truck also has a 5 ton winch mounted to the front of it for getting out of those "fun" off road spots or helping remove anything needed.

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