One Person Killed in New Hampshire Fire

Nov. 14, 2008
A person was killed when a fire broke out in a mobile home in Nashua on Wednesday night.


A person was killed when a fire broke out in a mobile home in Nashua on Wednesday night.

The identity of the person killed has not been released. Neighbor Mark Collins said he noticed the fire just before 10 p.m.

"It looked like headlights were shining into the back of my building, and I opened the window," Collins said. "Flames were just shooting out of the side the building here."

Collins says he and some others tried to help his neighbor, who they believed was inside.

"We got the back window open, and it was billowing out smoke, and within a couple of minutes, the whole place was an inferno," he said.

Witnesses said firefighters were at the scene within minutes. Neighbors believe the homeowner was in a back bedroom.

"Our first arriving crew from our station 6, which was the Conant Road fire station, actually made an entry through the window and the rear door, with the whole right half of the building engulfed," said Nashua Fire Marshal Rick Wood.

The initial search failed to turn up anybody, and the flames forced firefighters out of the mobile home. It wasn't until the fire was out that officials discovered the body.

"There was one adult victim," said Rob Farley, deputy state fire marshal. "They found the deceased victim in the kitchen area of the home."

Firefighters also recovered the body of a dog. Neighbors said the homeowner was a man in his early 60s who owned a border collie that he liked to take on walks around the neighborhood.

Throughout the morning, investigators combed through the rubble, concentrating in the kitchen area. But, they said, it may take a day or two to determine how the fire started.

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