San Diego Firefighters Have New Tool

Oct. 16, 2008
A new program called FAST puts more manpower in the field, without using more rigs.

They're unveiling a new program called FAST, which stands for Firestorm Augmented Suppression Team.

This afternoon firefighters at the fire repair facility showed NBC 7/39 their new tools and equipment.

Each of the kits contains valuable firefighting equipment; hoses, special nozels, goggles, first aid kits, and foam cartridges.

The tools are enough to equip at least two firefighters. Firefighters say the idea is to put more manpower in the field, without using more rigs.

The kits can be kept in city leased pick up trucks or SUV's. When a fire call goes out, the trucks will follow the fire rigs.

Once the firefighters put out the initial firestorm, crews assigned the equipment can stay behind and extinguish any hot spots or burning embers.

Each kit is worth around eighteen hundred dollars. Community donations made it possible for the fire department to purchase eleven of them. Their goal is to buy twenty. They'll be put to use during the next big fire.

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