Virginia Divers Respond to Submerged Vehicle

March 21, 2008

There was a chilly nip in the air as tones sounded dispatching Chesterfield Scuba Rescue and crews to 4111 Hopkins Road around 0730 hours on March 21, for a vehicle into water.

Since the location was on the border of Richmond and Chesterfield, law enforcement from both jurisdictions responded.

Responding to the call were: City of Richmond Police, Chesterfield County Police, Chesterfield SCUBA Rescue with divers, Eugene Ledlie, Graham Lathrop, Brian Pulley and Lt. William Jeffords. Also responding were Boat 7, Chesterfield's Trucks 3 and 7, Medic 11, Engine 11, Battalion Chief Kevin Spaulding and Tactical Safety Officer Lt. Jimmy Trice.

Lt William Jeffords suited up and entered the frigid water to check for possible trapped victims in the nearly completely submerged vehicle.

Assessment showed the vehicle was a mini-van and unoccupied.

Jeffords who had returned to shore entered the water again, waded, then swam to the vehicle, broke out the rear window and a side window, hooked up a tow cable and a wrecker pulled the vehicle to shore.

The van turned out to be a stolen vehicle from Chesterfield County the night before.

Police have not released any further information regarding the van.

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