Scott Introduces the Next Evolution in Facepiece Seal Technology

April 19, 2010
April 16, 2010 – Scott Health & Safety is proud to announce the launch of its SureSeal System, the most dynamic facepiece seal available today for users of respiratory protection products.

April 16, 2010 – Scott Health & Safety is proud to announce the launch of its SureSeal System, the most dynamic facepiece seal available today for users of respiratory protection products.

Developed with numerous innovations such as an enhanced sealing surface and practical personal protective equipment (PPE) interfaces, the Scott SureSeal system combines the preference for greater user comfort with the need for superior fit. And because it is integrated with the Scott proven AV-3000® facepiece, users experience an expansive field of vision and exceptional voice intelligibility.

“With this new design, we have taken our industry-leading Scott AV-3000 facepiece to the next level in comfort and fit,” says Marty Lorkowski, Scott’s Global Industrial Marketing Manager, “We did it by taking the best from our current facepiece and combining it with a completely redesigned seal technology to develop our most innovative facepiece yet.”

The SureSeal System utilizes a U-shaped seal that maintains a continuous circumferential seal around the user's face. This patent-pending Scott-developed design, called reverse reflex, allows the SureSeal System to flex with every movement of the facepiece, resulting in a higher fit factor and a more comfortable seal for the user. Additionally, a fifth strap improves sealing capabilities by adding another point of connection to the smaller Kevlar® head harness. The tightening buckles are thoughtfully placed so they won’t torque the seal and cause leaks if over-tightened.

A primary feature of the SureSeal System includes a deeper, lower-profile seal that offers a more robust interface with protective suits, hoods, shrouds and helmets. Additionally, a smaller Kevlar head harness eliminates bunching and discomfort under helmets and hard hats. A fifth strap is strategically positioned so that it won’t interfere with the head suspension of protective helmets. For proper and quick donning, a reflective positioning tab is located on the back of the head harness.

As with all of Scott's AV-series facepieces, the AV-3000 facepiece with the SureSeal System continues Scott’s Top-Down Convertibility™ design concept, which allows for a single facepiece to be used for all NFPA /CBRN/NIOSH respiratory applications. According to Mr. Lorkowski, “It was vitally important to maintain Top-Down Convertibility when designing the SureSeal System. We know that our current customer relies on this design concept to reduce costs associated with larger equipment inventories and fit testing for multiple facepieces.”

The SureSeal System is available on all new AV-3000 facepieces and can be retrofitted to AV-3000 facepieces currently in use. For more information about the Scott AV-3000 with the SureSeal System, please visit our website at

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