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  • November 2021

    The November issue of Firehouse Magazine includes the eighth annual Station Design Awards as well as the 2021 Apparatus Showcase. There are also feature articles on hazardous materials, higher education, leadership, volunteer firefighters and the Apparatus Architects. Plus, a special supplement on Designing and Equipping a Heavy Rescue.
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    Heavy Rescue

    Firehouse Supplement: Designing and Equipping a Heavy Rescue

    Nov. 15, 2021
    This special Firehouse supplement, includes feature stories on heavy rescue body configuration, single-axle vs. tandem-axle construction and making the heavy rescue the ultimate...
    Tecton Architects & H2M architects + engineers
    Lexington Fire Headquarters in Lexington, MA.
    SD Awards and Conference

    2021 Station Design Awards

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Firehouse is pleased to present the eighth annual showcase of fire and emergency service facilities in our Station Design Awards program.
    Peter Matthews

    As Firehouse Sees It: Memorial Weekend—Taking Care of Our Own

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Peter Matthews' experience at Memorial Weekend is sure to touch all of Firehouse Magazine's readers.
    Kenny Flynn 9 22 21 Hillcrest, Ny Residential Fire Pic 2
    Operations & Training

    Hot Shots 11/21

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Hot Shots includes the Hillcrest, NY, Fire Department responding to a report of a structure fire with heavy fire blowing out of the first-floor garage doors and second-floor bedroom...
    Photos by Joseph Cassetta
    Command must recognize the importance of getting a close look at fire conditions at the point of entry for a tactical size-up.
    Incident Command

    Command & Control Success: Command Post Location

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Curt Isakson explains why learning the when, where and how of commanding an incident puts a IC in the optimal position to produce the best and safest outcome.

    More content from November 2021

    John Salkav3
    Operations & Training

    The Fire Scene: Water Supply Options

    Nov. 15, 2021
    John J. Salka Jr. points out important details about four ways that the first-arriving engine can establish a supply of water.
    Cherry Grove Img 3657
    Careers & Education

    Scuttlebutt 11/21

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Pioneering Female Chief Honored.
    Lavender Ribbon Report Update Online Page 01
    Careers & Education

    For the Record 11/21

    Nov. 15, 2021
    An update to the Lavender Ribbon Report provides 11 best practices for reducing exposure risks and preventing occupationally caused cancer in firefighters.
    Photo by Ken Sedlak
    No matter the amount of classroom training (in-person or online) firefighters must be given the opportunity to apply what they learned in the field.
    Learning Management Systems

    Using Technology for Training Volunteer Firefighters

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Ken Sedlak provides the do's and the don'ts for volunteer fire departments that are considering using online meetings, learning management systems and other types of technology...
    Photos by Tom W. Shand
    The Prince George’s County, MD, Fire/EMS Department developed a standard design for its rear-mount aerial ladders. It incorporates a wide array of portable ground ladders and chassis components, which permits the department’s Apparatus Maintenance Division to minimize vehicle downtime.

    The Apparatus Architect: Apparatus Purchasing Best Practices

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Tom Shand and Mike Wilbur questioned fire department fleet managers about their approach to the apparatus purchasing process and factory pre-construction conferences, among other...
    Richard Bossert

    EMS: When in Doubt

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Richard Bossert's "When in Doubt" rules are important for EMS providers' pursuit of delivering optimal care for patients and limiting their exposure to potential litigation.
    John Lewis and Robert Moran
    Operations & Training

    First Due: Are You Prepared to Make the Call?

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Robert Moran and John Lewis explain the differences between classical decision-making and cue-based decision-making and how each is beneficial to firefighters and officers who...
    Photos by Ron Moore
    Having completed a stabilization scenario that found the side of the vehicle “obstructed,” members of a rescue team carry out other technician-level tasks that are included in “Technician-Level Hands-On Skills Checklist for a Roof-Resting Passenger Vehicle.”
    Vehicle Extrication

    University of Extrication: Extrication Training on Side- and Roof-Resting Passenger Vehicles

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Ron Moore provides specific side- and roof-resting-vehicle rescue skills that teams should practice that aren't included in NFPA 1006: Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel ...
    Photos by Patrick Jessee
    A four-gas meter’s typical monitoring capability (oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, explosive/flammable limits and carbon monoxide) serves as a mainstay for fire department response to a call for a potential gas leak.
    Hazardous Materials

    Winter Is Upon Us

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Patrick Jessee stresses how important it is for firefighters to know how their four-gas, single-gas and laser-based meters are calibrated, because those devices are key to the...
    Photos courtesy of Illinois Fire Service Institute
    A course in technology transfer and the implementation of innovation helps to open up the possibilities for how technology can be added to strategies for training, certification, response and suppression.
    Careers & Education

    Supplementing Thinking and Leadership

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Brian Brauer explains in detail how bachelor's and master's degree courses make him a better officer and more able to instruct on the training ground.
    Photo by Chase Christopher
    It’s critical to know yourself under stress, whether you’re a firefighter or officer. Take time to examine the mistakes that you made lately and how did you handled them.

    Command Resonance

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Kristopher Blume explains how command resonance, while likely a foreign concept to many, is at least equal in importance to command presence.
    Nov 21 Health Wellness Behavioral Author Pic 615f6c13d41fa
    Safety & Health

    Health & Wellness: Beyond PTSD: Moral Injury in First Responders

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Michelle Fayed looks at moral injury for firefighters, saying it is affecting the mental health of numerous members of the fire service in addition to PTSD.
    Dan Byrne
    Community Risk Reduction

    Community Risk Reduction: Outside of the Box: Increasing CRR Efforts

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Daniel Byrne pleads with Firehouse Magazine readers to reach out to their counterparts on the emergency management side to seek ways that the two entities' efforts can make each...
    All photos by Tom W. Shand
    The Prince George’s County, MD, Fire/EMS Department recently placed into service this 2021 Pierce Enforcer two-door, walk-in rescue that has extensive cab and body compartmentation. It’s built on a 223½-inch wheelbase and has an overall length of 38 feet 1 inch.
    Heavy Rescue

    Heavy Rescue Rigs: It’s More than Just Size

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Tom Shand provides substantial information that might escape some members of apparatus committees when it comes to considering a single- or tandem-axle design for a new heavy ...
    Daniel Jasina
    Daniel Jasina 6 5 21 Lapeer, Mi Three Bldgs Pic 1

    2021 Apparatus Showcase

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Manufacturers display the latest and greatest in fire-rescue and EMS apparatus and boats.
    Barry Furey
    Tech & Comm

    Fire Dispatch: Coming to Terms

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Barry Furey makes the case for why the training that's provided to firefighters and dispatchers must incorporate lessons that point out how operational terms can differ from one...
    Photo courtesy of SVI Trucks
    A compartment on the Malaga, NJ, Volunteer Fire Company’s heavy rescue exemplifies the use of rotating trays (aka Lazy Susans). Here, the rotating tray includes a four-sided vertical column to accommodate four rescue tools. The base of the rotating tray has four latching locations to lock in each tool.
    Heavy Rescue

    The Ultimate Toolbox: Organizing the Heavy Rescue

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Barry Furey spoke with fire departments and apparatus manufacturers to learn about the latest ways that heavy rescue design has been advanced to take the versatility of the vehicles...
    Photos by Mark Miller
    Larger heavy rescue cabs aid in crew area space for safely dressing out in the appropriate gear.
    Heavy Rescue

    Heavy Rescue, Heavy Analysis

    Nov. 15, 2021
    Mark Miller speaks to the critical nature of scrutinizing response area, response duties and tools required before an apparatus committee decides on the body configuration of ...