Body Cam Shows Columbus, OH, Cops Rescuing Woman from House Fire

June 12, 2024
The Columbus officers located the woman on the roof and caught her when she let go.

A woman was hospitalized after she was rescued by Columbus police officers from the roof of a burning home.

Body-worn camera videos from officers at the scene shows several of them rushing to help a woman stuck on the roof at the back of the home. Using a flashlight, they were finally able to locate her, WBNS reported. 

 Officers urged her to one edge of the roof and jump, promising to catch her. And, they did just that.

She was taken to a hospital for treatment. 

It took officers about 2.5 minutes from the time they located her on the roof until they got her down.

"I just thought it was amazing, you know, they're risking their lives and things of that nature just to help another person,” Cheveda McGowan, a woman who lives nearby, said.

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