Several Injured During Miami-Dade Live-Fire Training

June 23, 2024
At least three people were injured during a live-fire training scenario by Miami-Dade crews where international firefighters were present.

Three people were injured in a training fire conduct by Miami-Dade firefighters Friday, leading to an investigation into the incident. 

"This was an event that included some of our some trainees, and unfortunately, as you know, there was a disastrous fire and we do have one participant who is in the hospital, and we're standing by praying and hoping for the best," Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava told CBS News Miami.

Sources told NBC Miami that one of the injured was not authorized to be in the building.

In radio traffic captured by NBC Miami, crews indicated one of the injured was part of an international training exchange program. 

According to, a mayday was called during the the training.

“Mayday, mayday, mayday, we have a downed fireman. We’re bringing him out down the stairs," the station reported was called in over the radio. Later, radio traffic captured crews saying “Two victims that were initially in are out. The third victim is a firefighter that’s unconscious."

The training was reported to be have live fire training evolutions and additional alarms were called to the site as the fire burned.

Miami-Dade fire officials to WSVN that three people were taken to the hospital. One of the victims, reportedly a firefighter, was transported in serious condition. 

The training took place at a vacant warehouse in Virginia Gardens near Miami International Airport.

Cava confirmed with NBC News that the training was authorized.

"I do not have anything further that I can report to you, but I can let you know that we are all deeply, deeply concerned and we are investigating, the state is investigating, our police department is investigating, and our internal affairs department," Cava told the television station.

The State Fire Marshal's office was also summoned to help with the investigation. 

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