SC FFs Rescue Man Trapped in Trash Truck

Nov. 21, 2023
Anderson firefighters said the man, who suffered traumatic injuries, was buried by several loads of trash.

Anderson firefighters didn't have far to travel for a tehnical rescue Monday morning.

The victim was brought to the fire station just before 8. The driver of a solid waste truck told firefighters he heard cries for help coming from inside, Assistant Chief Charlie King told WSPA. 

Firefighters climbed to the top of the truck and found a man buried underneath garbage.

“He was covered by several layers and loads of trash.  They had to move that around and move it from the truck to be able to make access to him,” King explained.

Firefighters rigged a rope system to pull the man out of the rig.  

“What we learned later on is that the gentleman is homeless in the area, had been in the dumpster and was asleep when the garbage truck was making its rounds. It essentially dumped him into the larger container on the truck.”

The man was treated for various traumatic injuries and transported to a hospital for treatment.

“We thank the truck driver because he was able to quickly recognize that there was a problem. He was a block away and came right to the fire station to get quick help. I really think he played a large role in saving the gentleman’s life." King noted.