New Video Shows Moments Rig Nearly Dropped off Louisville, KY, Bridge in March

May 16, 2024
A Louisville firefighter was lowered and rescued the driver trapped in the cab as it dangled above the water.

A new video shows the incident and subsequent incident that led to a rig narrowly dropping off a Louisville bridge.

The driver of a pickup truck that swerved into the lane of the tractor-trailer was in court Wednesday charged with numerous offenses including driving while his license was suspended.

The rig crashed through a guardrail and its cab was left dangling off the Clark Memorial Bridge.

Firefighter Bryce Carden, 29, was lowered by a rope system from an aerial ladder to contact the driver.

Carden spoke with her as he cut her seatbelt and placed her in a rescue harness before they were hoisted up to the roadway. 

The six-year member of the fire department has received awards for his daring rescue that was captured by drone. 



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