Engaged GA FFs Hurt in Engine Crash will be Home for Christmas

Dec. 7, 2023
Rock Hill Firefighters Trista Cheeks and Logan Gordy beat the odds after being ejected as their rig rolled.

The old Christmas classic 'I'll be Home for Christmas' is ringing true for engaged firefighters seriously injured in a July fire engine crash. 

Rock Hill Firefighters Trista Cheeks and Logan Gordy continue to recover after being ejected from their fire truck as it rolled over. They were responding to a wreck. 

Both were flown by helicopters to a trauma center after suffering life-threatening injuries.

Tim Gordy recalled the doctor telling him early on that there was nothing he could do for his son, who had a brain bleed, WMAZ reported. 

But Logan refused to give up. 

His dad recalled when he started talking: "It was amazing because you couldn’t get him to shut up. Which I told everybody I said once he starts talking, he ain’t bout to stop."

He said Logan and Trista, who had planned to marry in October, worked together throughout their recovery process.

"Logan had setbacks and Trista did too, but once they started balancing out, [they] started getting there. They were right on track with each other so."

Upson Fire Chief Alan Yarbrough can't describe his feelings when he saw them walking again.

"I knew we were tight-knit here but the outpouring of love and support. It was jaw-dropping. I mean we received money from all over the country for Logan and Trista." 

After graduating from a rehab center in Atlanta, Trista is headed to North Carolina to be with family while Logan is scheduled to be released Friday.