Case Study: Apparatus Bay at New WI Station Focused on Cancer Prevention with Nederman

Aug. 15, 2023
Chief Aaron Swaney was tasked with leading the Jackson Fire Department into the future, including a new fire station equipped with life-saving measures.

When Aaron Swaney became fire chief of the Jackson, WI, Fire Department eight years ago, he was tasked with building the department for the future, including the design of a new fire station. The growing combination department was previously responding from a shed. One of Swaney's goals was to eliminate diesel exhaust from spreading from the apparatus bay and into the living areas - he said the floors and walls at the old station were brown from repeated diesel engines being started and running in the station.

With the aim to reduce cancer rates among firefighters via a cleaner station, the department selected the Nederman exhaust removal system to be outfitted for each of their fire apparatus, with particulates being moved away from the firefighters. Assistant Chief Jim Huyser explains the steps they took to ensure members were prepared to use the department's first clean air product in their 130-year history.

Tom Nolan, regional sales manager for Nederman, Inc., highlights the products, their functionality and how departments can instill confidence in having a cleaner living and work environment with their system.