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Would your training, ability and knowledge determine what is dangerous for you?
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Salka: Confronting Danger as a Firefighter

May 5, 2014
Doesn't your level of danger depend on conditions such as your level of experience, firefighter training, ability and knowledge?
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Aerial Ladders Salka

Salka: Ladder Pipe Liability

Nov. 5, 2012
I've written before about this subject and I've even had some good and interesting conversations about this activity but, I still see it often in the pages of fire service magazines...
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After getting through the door, do you chock it open or close the door behind you?
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Do You Close The Door?

Oct. 16, 2012
There has been much discussion about the issue of closing the door. I’m talking about whether firefighters entering an apartment from a public hallway or stairway, or even firefighters...
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Who will be liable for any actions by these people? What role with the company officer have in commanding them?

Stupid Idea # 98 - Detroit's Tourist Firefighters

Sept. 13, 2012
Just this morning I read an article that stated the Detroit Fire Department is considering allowing firefighters and/or tourists from around the country to ride with their companies...

Farewell Sheriff Andy Taylor

July 11, 2012
Actor Andy Griffith passed away this last week. To most of the people around my age (54) Andy Griffith was more commonly known as Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry. The reason I...

SOPs, SOGs & FOPs for Firefighting

May 17, 2012
Obviously any situation may require the officer to adjust or change any established plans, but the use or well established, tactically proven procedures, plans and assignments...