Obama's Budget Calls for Cuts to SAFER, AFG, USFA

April 11, 2013
AFG and SAFER could see a $2.5M reduction from the '13 funding level.

President Obama's proposed budget calls for a reduction to the USFA as well as AFG and SAFER grants.

His spending plan allocates $335M each for SAFER and AFG, a $2.5M reduction from the '13 budget.

Also, the USFA would be funded at a $2.7 reduction or $41.3M, according to information from the National Volunteer Fire Council.

The proposed reduction of the USFA budget would include cuts to support for state fire training academies, National Fire Academy course delivery, revision and development efforts, and funding for wildland fire initiatives.

Under the President’s budget, AFG and SAFER program management and administration costs would be paid for out of the FEMA Salaries and Expenses account rather than being taken from funds appropriated for the programs themselves. This practice was established in the recently-enacted FY 2013 appropriations bill, according to the NVFC. 

“The President’s budget request is the first step in the appropriations process. The NVFC will work closely with Congress to ensure that adequate support is provided to critical fire and emergency services programs and agencies,” NVFC Chairman Philip C. Stittleburg said in a prepared statement. 

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