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  • September 2018

    The September issue includes features stories covering wildland firefighting, fire prevention practices, rapid transit fires, thermal imaging searches and a special preview of Firehouse Expo 2018. Plus, don't miss the special Firehouse supplement: 2018 Fire Service Health & Safety Report.
    Dan Byrne
    Community Risk Reduction

    Fire Prevention: We Can’t Save Everyone, Every Time

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Dan Byrne poses the question, isn’t it time to be honest about that and start providing real solutions?
    Tim Sendelbach

    As Firehouse Sees It: All Politics Is Local

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Tim Sendelbach explains that we may not always understand the full scope of our political reality.
    Nfff Health Safety2018
    Safety & Health

    NFFF Fire Service Health & Safety Report

    Sept. 1, 2018
    The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) presents its 2018 Fire Service Health & Safety Report.
    Photos courtesy MCFD
    Upon arrival on scene, crews went to work performing roof ventilation.
    Safety & Health

    Close Calls: No Air Forces Firefighter to Bail Out

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Billy Goldfeder shares the story of a firefighter who suddenly had to bail out due to no air.
    Photo by Keith Cullom
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    Risk Management at Wildland Incidents

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Todd McNeal explains how the IRPG offers guidance for managing risk in increasingly complex and dangerous fire environments.

    More content from September 2018

    Gary Ludwig
    Careers & Education

    EMS: Do You Need a College Degree to Be a Paramedic?

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Gary Ludwig argues that degrees should be encouraged—but not required—for paramedics.
    Photos courtesy Keith Lipske
    Firefighters are beginning to recognize and embrace the importance of exercise training for their physical and mental well-being.
    Health & Fitness

    Health & Wellness: Recover with Intensity

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Annette Zapp explains why recovery modalities are especially important for firefighters.
    Photo by Robert Burke
    Martin County hazmat response units.
    Hazardous Materials

    Hazmat Studies: The First Volunteer Hazmat Team in the U.S.

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Robert Burke reviews the Martin County, FL, Fire-Rescue hazmat team and its long history protecting its citizens.
    Photo by Glen Ellman
    Using certified, paid members for fire inspections helps ensure consistency in inspections and continuity in a comprehensive fire prevention program.
    Community Risk

    Small-Scale Fire Prevention

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Jeremy Mitchell proposes fire prevention practices for volunteer and combination fire departments with limited resources.
    Photo by Tom Shand
    A typical custom chassis pumper dashboard. Note the radios and equipment located on top of the instrument panel and above the windshield, which may impede the line of sight from the driver’s seat.
    Equipment Mounting & Reels

    Apparatus Architect: The View from the Front Seat

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Tom Shand and Mike Wilbur review changes to cab interiors, dashboard layouts, equipment-mounting and more.
    Shane Ray

    Fire Politics: What Is Your Legacy?

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Shane Ray argues that if you want to make a mark on fire service history, then you need to take action.
    Steven Gillespie

    Leadership Lessons: Rise Above It All

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Steven Gillespie offers sage advice for continuing your path forward in the fire service.
    Photo Courtesy of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation
    Music City Center

    Firehouse Expo Hits the Right Note

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Firehouse offers an inside look at the exceptional training and education opportunities in Music City.
    Photo by Scott LaPrade
    Leominster, MA, July 9, 2018
    Operations & Training

    Hot Shots 09/18

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Firehouse presents recent fires from around the country.
    John Salkav3
    Operations & Training

    The Fire Scene: Review, Ask Questions & Learn

    Sept. 1, 2018
    John Salka covers a simple process to learn from mistakes.
    Ron Moore
    This lightweight, deployable running board, found on a 2018 Ford F-350, folds up underneath the vehicle when it is being driven and deploys to this position as passengers get in or out of the truck. It will not adequately support the weight of the truck so this running board should be not be used for stabilization. Photos by Ron Moore
    Vehicle Extrication

    University of Extrication: Pickup Truck & SUV Skills Refresher - Part 4

    Sept. 1, 2018
    Ron Moore discusses how side running boards on pickup trucks and SUVs can affect vehicle stabilization.
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    Careers & Education

    2017 National Run Survey: Part 4

    Sept. 1, 2018
    For the 37th year, the career fire service takes to the pages of Firehouse Magazine to share and compare statistics about company and department levels, funding, staffing and ...
    Photo by Brock Hansen
    A tractor-trailer truck slammed into a Chicago-to-California Amtrak passenger train at a railroad crossing east of Reno, NV.
    Operations & Training

    Rapid Transit Fire Response

    July 9, 2018
    Brian Butler offers key factors related to size-up, suppression, apparatus placement, types of power and safety hazards for rapid transit fires.
    A point-to-point search is the most efficient way to locate the fire room.
    Thermal Imagers

    Utilizing Thermal Imagers in Search

    June 4, 2018
    Joseph DeVito outlines four types of searches to employ with a thermal imaging camera.