Delivery: Newfolden, MN, Pumper/Tanker

Nov. 8, 2022
Newfolden Fire Department took delivery of this pumper/tanker built by Midwest Fire.

Newfolden Fire Department purchased this pumper/tanker built by Midwest Fire on a Freightliner chassis.

The rig is mounted on a Freightliner M2-106 crew cab chassis.

Fire suppression includes a Darley PSP 1,250-gpm pump and a 1,000-gallon polypropylene tank. It is equipped with a Foam Pro 2001 foam system with a 20-gallon integrated foam cell.

The body features All-Poly® construction with “Sweep Out” style compartments and ROM roll up doors.

It features a Whelen LED warning light package and siren/speaker, a rear-view safety camera, 3,000-watt power inverter, Honda 2,200-watt suitcase generator, six Whelen 900 series scene lights, Whelen telescoping lights, an Elkhart Vulcan deck gun and an extended front bumper with hinged aluminum Tread-Brite cover.

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