Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Goes InNetwork with First Health

Dec. 27, 2018
The move means Deer Hollow's addiction and trauma treatment facilities will be even more accessible and affordable for a greater number of first responders.

DRAPER, UT -- Deer Hollow Recovery and Wellness Centers are now in-network for those who carry insurance with First Health and other carriers with a First Health Behavioral & Mental Health carve-out.

Mark Lamplugh, manager of Media & Communications at Deer Hollow, states, "We are very pleased to have our addiction and trauma treatment facilities even more accessible and affordable for a greater number of first responders as well as general population who need help. Men and women who work as law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders, are, by the nature of their work, often exposed to significantly more traumatic situations than people in the general population and are at higher risk for developing post-traumatic stress or other conditions related to a high stress job such as depression, addiction, and/or suicide. We are grateful for the fact that we are now even more accessible to everyone within First Health group."

If 8 percent of the general population is thought to meet criteria for PTSD (Source: University of Penn Department of Psychiatry), studies are showing that closer to 20 percent of law enforcement officials likely meet full criteria. (Source: Marshal Project)In addition, 22 percent of people with PTSD also have substance abuse. (Source: National Institute of Health).

"We want to help break down the stigmas and barriers for treatment for those who have suffered from trauma or who struggle with addiction, etc.," Lamplugh said. "We want to help reach these men and women and help them onto the path of recovery before they take a more destructive route. At this point, some statistics are showing that firefighters and police officers, may be more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty. We want to help these men and women work through their challenges and have seen many people make positive changes as they go through our program. It's encouraging to think that even more first responders will now have access to our specialized treatment." 

The staff at Deer Hollow incorporate a wide array of treatment modalities for individuals needing services depending on the nature or severity of their needs, including residential and outpatient options, family therapy, individual therapy, and recreational therapy.The therapists and counselors working at the Deer Hollow facilities understand some of the specific challenges that first responders face including the greatly increased risk of substance abuse and mental health issues associated with these professions and are skilled at working specifically with this population.

Deer Hollow offers an array of treatment options including an intensive group focused on recovery from trauma which includes DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) and CPT (cognitive processing therapy), which is a trauma-focused aspect of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

Lamplugh continues: "Since the beginning of Deer Hollow, we have strived to make a difference as we offer treatment for the first responder community. The bottom line is that being in-network with First Health, one of the largest PPO networks means that there is one less barrier for anyone seeking the residential or outpatient service that we offer."

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